Hit Girls – Impact Magazine

Hit Girls is featured in the final issue of Impact: The Global Action Entertainment Magazine. The magazine features a 4-page article and interviews with producer Rosie Fellner and director Adrian Vitoria.

“With the popularity of online movies and web series on the rise, a dynamic new action short recently hit YouTube and is already causing quite a stir…” Sneak Peek of what’s inside:

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Adrian Vitoria to direct black-ops thriller Black Money

UK outfits Mann Made Films, Rosebud Pictures team for high-octane political man-hunt thriller.

Scott Mann (The Tournament) and James Edward Barker’s UK production outfit Mann Made Films, is partnering with Rosie Fellner of Rosebud Pictures to develop Adrian Vitoria’s action thriller, Black Money. Vitoria will write and direct the screenplay, based on his original concept about a team of Black Ops on a high-octane political man-hunt. Vitoria, currently in pre-production on Bliss, recently completed World War II action-drama, Age Of Heroes, starring Sean Bean.

Barker and Fellner will co-produce Black Money with Mann and Vitoria taking executive producer roles on the picture.

Adrian Vitoria to direct Bliss!

Adrian Vitoria has been confirmed as the director for Bliss! More news to follow.